Viewing and Printing HTML Emails in Text Formatting

A text formatting email.

Html formatted emails may look very nice, but sometimes it obscures important text, or makes it difficult for an e-reader to process, or it may use too much paper or printer ink. Thankfully, PstViewer Pro email viewer/converter gives you many different tools to get your work done, including the ability to view only the text of an email, effectively shutting off html formatting.

To follow along, download the free 15 day trial of PstViewer Pro software for Microsoft Windows. There’s no obligation.

PstViewer Pro main screen showing the software welcome screen: "Welcome to PstViewer Pro"
HTML Formatted Email.

Converting the PstViewer Pro email viewing pane from HTML to Text formatting only requires a simple click. You’ll find this text formatting button and other useful display settings on the “View” tab.

Location of PstViewer Pro’s “Use plain text body” option.

If you look to the far left-hand side of the “View” tab, you will see the option to “Use plain text body.” Click that button, and immediately your html formatted email will be changed to a text email.

PstViewer Pro lets you view emails in text, turning off HTML email formatting.

Now you can print or convert emails with PstViewer Pro in pure text.

This option will be set until you change it back.

We hope you appreciate how easy it is to use PstViewer Pro for email text viewing and printing. If you have any questions, please ask them below, or feel free to email us at We’re always glad to hear from you.

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