Reading .MSG or .EML E-Mails from Recursive Folders

PstViewer Pro is an e-mail viewer for Microsoft Outlook e-mails. With PstViewer Pro, you have the option to read e-Mails (.msg or .eml files) from a selected folder, or from recursive sub-folders.  This trick also works with .pst and .ost e-Mails.
In PstViewer Pro select the folder containing your e-Mail messages from the explorer tree.
Locate the “Read All Folders” icon in the Explorer Tree.

Screenshot of Pstviewer Pro showing location of the Read All Folders function.
How to read e-Mails stored in recursive Windows folders.

If the icon is highlighted, then PstViewer Pro will display all e-Mails in the folder as well as any sub-folders.   This is useful if you are trying to search or filter e-Mails that have been organized into multiple folders, such as by month or year.  Using this function you can load all of the e-Mails and work them as a batch.

Download a free trial of PstViewer Pro and use it for 15 days. It opens multiple e-Mail file types including .msg, .eml, .ost and .pst files.

Outlook .Pst Viewer

PstViewer Pro software by Encryptomatic LLC is an Outlook .pst viewer for Microsoft Windows. This video playlist shows how to get started using PstViewer Pro.  You can download a free trial and follow along.

PstViewer Pro lets you search .pst files, and even convert e-mail to PDF and other formats. It’s easy to use and Outlook is not required to be present on your MS Windows computer.  

Export Outlook E-mail to Numbered PDF Files

PstViewer Pro is a Windows software tool for managing email messages and converting them into PDF and other useful formats.  Today we will show you how to configure PstViewer Pro to convert Outlook emails into sequentially numbered PDF files.  

PstViewer Pro uses a concept called Email Export Profiles to accomplish it’s work. Out of the box, PstViewer Pro comes with about twenty pre-defined export profiles. Each profile can be customized in many different ways to suit your specific project requirements.

If you would like to follow along with this tutorial, download the 15 day free trial of PstViewer Pro.

Screen shot of of the main user screen, PstViewer Pro email viewer software.
PstViewer Pro, Outlook email viewer

PstViewer Pro can export email messages to PDF in different ways, and provides you with a great detail of control over file naming, including the ability number .pdf files sequentially. In situations where emails are introduced as evidence in a court proceeding, being able to number the resulting files makes it easier to identify specific content. We can do this by changing the file naming setting in PstViewer Pro.

In PstViewer Pro 6.0 or later, select the Export tab from the main software toolbar. From the drop down list, choose the profile you want to edit. In our example, we will configure the email export profile called “PDF – attachments converted/included.” 

This screen shot shows the location of the email export profile editor.
Editing an email export profile

Select “Edit Profile.”  The profile editor window will open.  

PstViewer Pro profile editor window showing different settings options.
Profile editor window

Locate the “File naming schema” setting and click the box to see the “Export File Naming Schema Editor.”

Screen shows the PstViewer Pro file schema editor.
Export File Naming Schema Editor

The current naming criteria is shown in the text box.  Click in the box and remove the current settings.  Next, click on and drag the “Increment” element into the text box. The animated file below to shows exactly how this is done.

Editing Export file naming schema in PstViewer Pro to incremental naming.

Click “OK” until you’re back at the main PstViewer Pro screen.  Now when you export your Outlook .pst, .ost, .msg or .eml email files to PDF using the “PDF – Attachments Converted/Included” profile, your exported files will have names that are incremental, such as 1.pdf, 2.pdf, etc.

Note that you can also include text in the element text box along with the “increment” element.  If you wanted all emails to include a case number, precede the increment element with “Case-29328-” and the resulting pdf files would named accordingly, such as:

“Case-29328-100.pdf,” with “100” being the 100th pdf file created during the export.

We hope that this has been useful to you. PstViewer Pro is very flexible. If you’re unsure whether or how a specific task with email can be accomplished with PstViewer Pro, just ask our support team.

Visit the product home page for more information on Pst Viewer Pro software, or to purchase a license.

Changing the Layout of PstViewer Pro E-mail Viewer

PstViewer Pro is an E-Mail viewer with many useful features. You can use it to open Outlook .pst, .ost and .msg email files.  Messages are displayed in a maillist. A preview window lets you see the formatted content of the message.  Double clicking on an email in the list will cause it to open in a full screen view.Although many people prefer to have the E-Mail preview window below the maillist, there are those of us who prefer to have it displayed on the right.  It’s a personal preference that PstViewer Pro can accommodate.

Changing the layout orientation of PstViewer Pro’s preview window is simple to do.

Start PstViewer Pro and then click the “View” menu. There are two controls on this menu that you’ll use to adjust the orientation of the preview window.

Click “Rotate Layout” and PstViewer Pro will move the preview window to the right hand side.


Layout controls in PstViewer Pro.
Locate the Layout Controls on the View Menu

What if you prefer the preview window on the left?  Click “Flip Layout” to move it the left side.

Tweak the layout of PstViewer Pro with these controls until you are satisfied.

Learn how to tweak the layout of Pst Viewer Pro software to put the e-mail viewing pane where you want it to appear.
PstViewer Pro with e-mail preview window on the right-hand side.

That’s all it takes!  Thanks for using PstViewer Pro!


How to append an email message to a PDF file.

PstViewer Pro is a tool for people who work with E-Mail messages. It helps them perform laborious tasks quickly and efficiently.

PstViewer Pro has powerful capabilities for processing email into PDF files.  This video shows the steps required to take one or more E-Mails and append them to the bottom of an existing PDF file.  For example, if you are compiling a list of E-Mails from a client into a single PDF document, you can use PstViewer Pro to continue adding to that PDF as messages are discovered over time.

If you have any questions about PstViewer Pro, you can talk to us right now using the “chat” button on this web page.  You can also send an email to supportline at, or call 1-651-851-4902.  We look forward to talking with you and helping you finish your project.

Rotating The Layout Of .Pst Viewer Pro E-Mail Viewer

PstViewer Pro is the leading commercial Windows email viewer software app. Wit it you can view, search and convert email messages stored as Microsoft Office Outlook .pst or .ost files, and individual email messages stored as .msg or .eml files.

In PstViewer Pro version 6.0, a new feature has been added that gives you control over the layout of the software. Below is the standard PstViewer Pro presentation window. The list of email messages is on top, with an email viewing pane below.

The standard lay for viewing email messages in PST Viewer Pro software for Windows.
PstViewer Pro main screen.

If you’re more accustomed to an Outlook layout that places the viewing panel along the right side, this can be easily be accomplished in PstViewer Pro 6.0

First, click the “View” tab. This is where you can make many different changes to the look and layout of PstViewer Pro.

Second, click “Rotate Layout.” Notice that the columns and layout will immediately change.  The list of email messages will appear in a vertical column on the left hand side, while the email message will appear in the right hand column.

Move email viewing pane to right column in PstViewer Pro.
PstViewer Pro layout control.

If you prefer to have the email viewing pane on your left side, you can easily do this by clicking the button “Flip Layout.”  The below image shows the result of this.

You can adjust the layout of PstViewer Pro email viewing by clicking "Flip Layout" button.
Flip the PstViewer Pro layout.

There are many other ways to make PstViewer Pro’s display settings conform to your preferences.  Feel free to click around in the View tab and experiment with the different options that are available in PstViewer Pro 6.0.

For more information about PstViewer Pro 6 email viewer for Outlook .pst/.ost files, or download a free trial, visit the PstViewer Pro home page.

E-Mail Filtering Finds Important E-Mail Messages

Encryptomatic LLC has announced that PstViewer Pro version 7.0 has been released. This latest Windows software update of the popular E-Mail viewer that opens Outlook .pst, .ost and .msg E-mails has many updates and improvements.  Among them is a powerful capability to filter E-Mail messages from Outlook .pst, .msg, .ost and .eml files.This short video demonstrates how to use the E-Mail filtering capabilities on PstViewer Pro 7.0.

PstViewer Pro also includes advanced export functions.  Save Outlook E-Mails to PDF format. Apply a specific naming scheme to the files.  PstViewer Pro can manage your E-Mail file attachments during the PDF conversion process.

Converting Outlook E-Mail to PDF is easy with PstViewer Pro.
Convert E-Mail to PDF with PstViewer Pro by Encryptomatic LLC

Since 2006, PstViewer Pro has set the standard among E-Mail viewing applications for reliability and accuracy. Click here to learn more about PstViewer Pro and to download a free trial.


Understanding .Pst Viewer Pro Export Profiles.

When viewing .pst files or .msg email messages without Microsoft Outlook, PstViewer Pro can’t be beat.  PstViewer Pro has many features that make it a great tool not only for opening Outlook emails, but processing them in various ways.  One of its powerful features is export profiles. Export profiles are instruction sets that can be customized in many ways to create specific solutions that help you get your email processing work done faster.What are export profiles?  When ever you select an email message and then choose a target format from the drop down list, you are interacting with export profiles.  For example, go to PstViewer Pro’s “Export” tab, and choose “Single PDF – attachments converted/included.” 

Screen shot of the location of the Export Profiles drop down box.
Export Profiles are selected from the Export Tab

“Single PDF” is in fact an export profile. You can customize this particular export profile, or any of the others that appear in the list.  You can also create your own by selecting “New Profile.”

Let’s see what options we have to modify the “Single PDF” profile we have selected.  Click “Edit Profile” and the profile editor screen will appear.  In the animated .gif below, we walk you through the various options that are available to customize this profile.

How to select items from the PstViewer Pro profile editor, with the Single PDF profile selected.
PstViewer Pro’s Profile Editor

For this profile, it’s possible to change the export format from PDF to GIF, TIF, PNG, or any of the other target formats that are pre-built into PstViewer Pro.

You can indicate a custom page size and ortientation.

PstViewer Pro supports exporing to PDF in the ISO 190005-1 PDF/A standard.

You can tell PstViewer Pro to apply a custom naming scheme to the PDF files it creates.   Select “File Naming>Custom Naming Schema” and then expand by clicking the “…” box. This will bring up Export Naming Editor.


Image shows the naming editor for PstViewer Pro.
Give exported email messages a custom name

Drag and drop the elements and arrange them to create the file naming scheme that your project requires.

Try PstViewer Pro Free
If Encryptomatic’s PstViewer Pro can help you with your project, download a free trial. Test it for 15 days. If it’s a good fit for you, we would love to have you as a customer.


PstViewer Pro main screen image.
PstViewer Pro email viewer. Open Outlook .PST files.


Export Outlook E-mails From a .PST File To A .CSV File

Email content all around us, yet is surprisingly difficult to convert into different formats. A specialized tool like PstViewer Pro will enable to accomplish many different conversion tasks with email. One useful capability it posses is to take a selected quantity of email messages and convert them into a neutral format which is easily imported into spreadsheet or database applications. 

This article will discuss how to use PstViewer Pro to accomplish the conversion of email messages to a .CSV file which can be imported into Microsoft Excel.  CSV stands for Comma Separated Values.  The CSV file that PstViewer Pro creates will contain multiple email messages, converted to text, with each row in the Excel spreadsheet representing a single email message.  

PstViewer Pro can access emails from Outlook .pst files, and even email that exists in a single-file form, such as .eml or .msg format. You’ll find that the process of converting email from .Pst to .Csv is exactly the same as converting from .Eml to .Csv, and .Msg to .Csv.  

Download a free 15 day trial of PstViewer Pro and follow along. 

When PstViewer Pro starts, select the specific .pst file you wish to access, or a folder that contains the .eml and .msg files you want to convert to .csv.

Screen shot of Pst Viewer Pro software with email messages in the list, pending conversion to CSV.
Pst Viewer software for converting email to .csv files.

Select the files in the mail list that you want to convert into a .CSV file.  Using the “Ctrol-A” command will select all of the emails in the list.   You can use PstViewer Pro’s “Search” menu to refine the list to a specific set of email messages. 

When the messages are selected, go to the Export tab, and select the “CSV” export profile from the drop down list.  

Select .CSV from the Export Menu

Now that you have selected the emails, and the CSV export profile, begin the export operation by clicking the “Export” button, and select the location where the CSV file will be saved.

The final step is importing the CSV file into Microsoft Excel. In most cases, opening the CSV file in Excel is is as simple as clicking on it.

Image shows email text in Microsoft Excel which were imported from a .csv file.
Emails imported into Microsoft Excel

PstViewer Pro has many capabilities, and this article only highlights one. Explorer the many Export Profiles that are shown in the drop down list. The same process of selecting and exporting email messages applies to any of the various export operations.

PstViewer Pro is $69.99 for a single license.