PDF/A: The PDF Format for Long Term Email Preservation

PDF Illustration for converting email to PDF documents.

If you want to preserve emails for the long term, its important to understand PDF/A. The PDF/A format is an ISO-standardized version of the Portable Document Format (PDF), designed specifically for the archiving and long-term preservation of electronic documents.

Here are some key points about PDF/A:

Long-Term Preservation: PDF/A ensures that documents can be preserved and reproduced accurately over time, regardless of future changes in technology.
Self-Contained Documents: All necessary information for displaying the document exactly as intended is embedded in the file. This includes text, images, fonts, and color information.
Restricted Features: Unlike standard PDFs, PDF/A prohibits certain features that are not suitable for long-term archiving, such as font linking and encryption.
Standard Compliance: There are different parts of the PDF/A standard, such as PDF/A-1, PDF/A-2, and PDF/A-3, each building upon the previous one with additional features and based on different versions of the PDF reference. PDF/A is widely used in industries and government agencies where document preservation is critical, ensuring that documents remain accessible and unchanged for future referenc

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