Introducing PstViewer Pro 2021

PstViewer Pro 2021. Get the software update.

PstViewer Pro 2021 is now available! This is a major update to Encryptomatic LLC’s popular email viewer and converter. With PstViewer Pro 2021 (version 9), important enhancements have been made to the speed of exporting email to PDF documents. The update can be downloaded directly from the publisher.

PstViewer Pro. The pst/ost viewin tool for professionals.

Improvements included in PstViewer Pro 2021:

Software improvements and resolved issues in this major release are shown below. We have included some of the issue numbers, in case you were tracking a specific issue.

– Single PDF export Imaged and Embedded restriction implemented with a warning if too many emails are embedded.

– Individual PDF export performance significantly improved

– ISO/A conversion performance has been enhanced

–  A issue in Mail Actions has been resolved. (PVP8-401)

– An issue with html links is resolved. (PVP8-408)

– Favorites tab has been enhanced (PVP8-403)

– Excel files convert in Single PDF exports is improved (PVP8-368/PVP8-378)

– UI issue for selected items is fixed (PVP8-399)

– Single Docx file restriction implemented to prevent performance issues.

– An issue with single PDF conversion of MBOX emails is resolved. (PVP8-380).

– Resolved issue where non-convertible attachments were sometimes not embedded on the output PDF (PVP8-396)

– UI Bug for the side pane (minor) PVP8-410

– Long build up time for Single Docx files (PVP8-414)

– Predefine/detect last email exported with the Single PDF restriction and move highlight to that email or auto batch convert the next 1000 emails from the last exported (PVP8-415)

– Adjust the profile naming schema for Folder tree PDF and copy (PVP8-412)