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Converting E-Mails to XML, with Base-64 Encoded File Attachments

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Welcome to another edition of the Encryptomatic support team’s series on converting your email messages into machine readable XML files. Last time we focused on simple conversion of email-to-xml using the Encryptomatic PstViewer Pro/MailDex viewer/converter.

Encryptomatic PstViewer Pro provides three options for convert email to xml files.

The first option is to export selected emails to single xml files.

Another option is to xport multiple emails to a single XML file.

Email file attachments can be handled a couple of different ways. For example, you can encode the file attachments as Base-64 encoded text and include them within the XML file.

Another option for handling email file attachments during a XML conversion is to simply export them to the hard drive as separate files. This will greatly reduce the size of the XML file, but it adds the risk of the file attachment losing its context to the XML file.

Converting Emails into XML files makes it easier for software developers and computer software to import and consume email messages without having to parse an email file directly. This encourages rapid development of software applications, and makes email content much more transportable and shareable between applications.

Download a free trial of PstViewer Pro software by Encryptomatic LLC. The trial runs for 15 days and you can try out the XML file export capabilities. If you have any questions, please contact our support team for the answers you need.


Unlocking the Power of Email Management with Pst Viewer Pro by Encryptomatic LLC

PstViewer Pro box illustration.

PstViewer Pro product box image.

The world of modern communication is fast paced. Managing email data efficiently is a competitive edge. Over the years, you have accumulated piles of email history, across different email clients. How can you access those emails and mine them for information? You could install multiple email clients, and import the emails. An easier option would be to purchase a multi-format email viewer with search and conversion capabilities. Encryptomatic LLC is a long trusted software organization with a robust solution, the original Pst Viewer Pro, It’s a powerful Windows software package designed to streamline and improve your email experience.

Understanding Pst Viewer Pro:

Pst Viewer Pro is a feature-rich application that stands out for its ability to seamlessly handle Microsoft Outlook PST (Personal Storage Table), OST, OLM, MBOX, MSG, EML and MHT files. Whether you’re an individual user or an organization dealing with a large volume of emails, this tool offers a comprehensive set of features to simplify email management. It runs on the desktop and none of your information is sent back to the software developer. Your email data remains private on your computer.

Screen image of Pst Viewer Pro email viewer showing folders in left hand pane, a list of emails in upper right pane, and a preview of the selected email in the lower right pane.

Key Features:

1. Advanced PST Viewing:

  • Pst Viewer Pro provides a user-friendly interface for viewing and accessing the content of PST files without the need for Microsoft Outlook. Pst VIewer Pro is built with the MailDex.Lib email parsing library, developed over 15 years by Encryptomatic LLC, which means you get accurate rendering and access to more email meta data.

2. Search and Filter Capabilities:

  • Easily locate specific emails or attachments using robust search and filtering options, saving time and enhancing productivity. Search a range of dates, search by email addresses or keywords. If its there, Pst Viewer Pro can find it for you.

3. Export and Conversion:

  • Convert emails to useful formats such as PDF, EML, MBOX, and many more. You can even export emails to text files. This feature ensures compatibility and easy sharing across different platforms.

4. Metadata Preservation:

  • Access the hidden meta data and internet header that every sent email contains. This information can be crucial evidence.

5. Bulk Processing:

  • Save time and effort by processing multiple PST files simultaneously, streamlining tasks for users dealing with large email archives.

How Pst Viewer Pro Benefits You:

1. Email Accessibility:

  • Access and view PST files without the need for Microsoft Outlook, providing flexibility and convenience.

2. Enhanced Productivity:

  • Efficient search and filter options, coupled with bulk processing capabilities, contribute to a more productive email management experience.

3. Compatibility:

  • Export emails to various formats, ensuring compatibility with different email clients and platforms.

4. Meta Data Access:

  • Accessing important metadata during exports and conversions.
A screen image showing internet email header information. There are many lines of information.


Pst Viewer Pro by Encryptomatic LLC empowers users to take control of their email data with a feature-packed solution. Whether you’re an individual looking for a convenient PST file viewer or an organization requiring advanced email management capabilities, Pst Viewer Pro is a versatile tool designed to meet your needs.

For the latest information, features, and support, visit the official website of Encryptomatic LLC and unlock the full potential of Pst Viewer Pro. Download the 15 day free trial!