Bulk Convert Email to XML

Screen image of email converted to a XML file.

MailDex for Windows is an email content manager and converter. The latest release of MailDex now includes the ability bulk export emails to XML format.

If you’re not sure why you would want to convert email to XML, then you probably don’t need to. This is an advanced capability that is included for that segment of the MailDex user base that needs it.

MailDex provides several options while converting to XML. The XML file can include one email, or it may include mulitple emails. File attachments may be saved to a file location, or they may be base64 encoded and then included within the XML file.

To get started, first select one of the export profiles. Go to the Export tab, and select the export profile from the drop down list that best fits your project.

screen image of XML export profiles.

Click on an email in the MailDex mail list, and then click “Export.

An XML file containing an email.

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