Viewing Pst Files Stored on Dropbox Cloud Service

Pst Viewer Pro is a flexible tool for viewing and searching Outlook email messages. The latest update includes the ability to open emails that are stored through the Dropbox email service.  Large PST files that are synched through Dropbox may be opened by Pst Viewer Pro.

To open a .pst file with Pst Viewer Pro from Dropbox, you would select the file from within the Explorer Tree folder view.  This is the the folder navigation structure that appears on the left side of your Pst Viewer Pro screen.

The navigation path would typically be Desktop > Computer > C:  > Users > {User Name} > Desktop > Dropbox

If a PST file is present in your Dropbox folder it will be visible in the file explorer. You can expand the pst file to show its structure. Click on a folder, and the emails in that folder will be shown in the maillist.   To see all emails in the pst file, click on the top folder of the pst file heirarchy.

Use Pst Viewer Pro to open a pst file stored on Dropbox cloud storage service.
Pst Viewer Pro lets you open pst files on Dropbox

This method also works for Google Drive, Skydrive and most other cloud services that replicate content from the cloud to your local drive.

Pst Viewer Pro is an advanced viewer for Outlook email content. It opens email container files that have the extensions of pst, ost, eml, mht or msg.  You can use Pst Viewer Pro to search email content, and convert it to useful formats like pdd, and many others.  You can download a 15 day free trial of Pst Viewer Pro and learn more from the product home page.