Convert .Msg to .Html with PstViewer Pro

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PstViewer Pro email viewer by Encryptomatic LLC is a multi-talented email viewer that makes your work with email fast and efficient. Use PstViewer Pro to accomplish many different tasks. If you work regularly with email, then PstViewer Pro is a tool you need to have in your toolbox.

PstViewer Pro opens Outlook .pst, .ost, .eml and .msg email files, and lets you convert emails to many different formats, such as .html.

Converting .msg to .html documents is a good way to make sure that email content remains accessible into the future. Html documents are literally everywhere on the internet. An email stored as a .html document is virtually guaranteed to be accessible long into the future by any .html browser app.

To convert .msg emails to .html with PstViewer Pro, just follow these steps.

First, load the .msg files into PstViewer Pro’s list.

Second, from the “Export” tab, choose the “HTML” export profile. You could also choose .mht for a compatible html format that contains all html elements in a single file.

Third, click the button labeled “Export”

Converting .msg to .html documents.

That’s it! PstViewer Pro now begins converting all of the .msg emails you selected in the mail list into .html documents.

You can try PstViewer Pro free for 15 days by downloading the trial app from the publisher’s website.