MailDex: Email-to-PDF Converter for Microsoft Windows

PDF Illustration for converting email to PDF documents.

Email messages contain a lot of important information about the sender and recipient. An email history established over a period of months or years can be easily lost, and over time its very possible that the messages will be rendered obsolete and inaccessible when changing to a different email client or platform.

MailDex software interface showing the navigation tabs Search, Mail, Export, View and Help.

MailDex is a multi-format email viewer, archiver and converter that lets you search your vast email history in a lightning fast way. You an even convert email messages to different formats, like XML, MBOX, PNG, JPG, Word Docx, Excel and much more.

MailDex also can accurately render and then export email messages into PDF documents. And as many institutions and businesses are turning to PDF as a format for ensuring the longevity of important documents, MailDex is a powerful tool to accomplishing that task in bulk, and with a minimum of steps.

The problem with most PDF printers is that they not built with email preservation in mind. Emails quite often have file attachments, and email printers don’t usually handle them very well, if at all. MailDex, however, can export emails and file attachments in different ways so you can choose the best method.

Screen image of MailDex for Windows showing options for converting emails to PDF documents.
Use MailDex to convert Email to PDF.

MailDex was created for individuals and small businesses as way to help them preserve and utilize their email history. MailDex is capable for storing and indexing an unlimited number of emails, allowing you to search them quickly while producing accurate results.

Try MailDex free for 15 days, followed by a 30 day full money back guarantee if MailDex isn’t a great fit for you. MailDex is a product of Encryptomatic LLC, a U.S. based company that has produced email viewing products for Windows since 2005.

MailDex and Encryptomatic are registered Trademarks of Encryptomatic LLC.