A Single Email Viewer App for Accessing Multiple Email Formats

Email content stored in different formats can be inconvenient to search and manage.With PST Viewer Pro, you can open up to seven common email file types with this single Windows software application.

Pst Viewer Pro home page. Open many different email formats with one Outlook email viewer.
One email viewer to open multiple email file types.

PstViewer Pro will open Outlook PST and OST files. These files contain multiple email messages, including their file attachments. They are typically larger files (2 GB is very common). Until recently only Microsoft Office Outlook could open these types of files, but publication by Microsoft of the PST file specification has allowed software developers to access these files.

PstViewer Pro will also open Outlook MSG files. These are individual email messages that have been saved outside of an Outlook PST or OST file. A .MSG file contains a single email message. They are often created when an Outlook user forwards an email or saves a message to their hard drive.

Occasionally, email messages created by Outlook will arrive in a non-Outlook email client as a Winmail.dat file. These files are often caused by the fact that Outlook formatted .msg files do not conform to the RFC-822 or RFC-2822 standard. They are used to preserve Rich Text formatting of a Microsoft Outlook generated email. During transport of the message over the internet, the content of the message may be changed, preventing email client from reading the formatting instructions. PstViewer Pro can also open winmail.dat files, even when your email client cannot.

PstViewer Pro can open .EML files, too. These are RFC-822 compliant email transport documents. They files are created by email clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird or Windows Live Mail. EML files are similar to MHT or MHTML “mime html” files, which are self-contained HTML files. MHT or MHTML files contain all of the formatting information, images, text, etc., within the file.  Web pages are often archived in this format because sharing a website as a single file instead of many individual files is very convenient. MHT and MHTML files can also be viewed by Pst Viewer Pro.

Pst Viewer Pro supported file types:

MSG (Outlook)
OST (Outlook)
PST (Outlook)
MBOX (Thunderbird)
EML (RFC-822)

In addition to its viewing capabilities, PstViewer Pro can be used to export messages to PDF and other image formats such as BMP, TIF, GIF, PNG and JPG. It can also save emails a CSV spreadsheet files, or text files.

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