Unlocking the Power of PST Viewer Pro: Converting Emails to CSV for Easy Excel Import

In the digital age, emails are ubiquitous. However, transforming emails into versatile document formats can be quite a challenge. Luckily, there’s a specialized tool that simplifies this task – PST Viewer Pro by Encryptomatic LLC. Among its impressive email reading and rendering capabilities, PST Viewer Pro can quickly convert a batch of email messages into a neutral format, preparing them for seamless import into spreadsheet or database applications.bThis article is your guide on how to leverage PST Viewer Pro to convert your email messages into a .CSV file, tailor-made for smooth integration with Microsoft Excel.

CSV, or Comma Separated Values, is a file format that encapsulates multiple email messages, rendering their common attributes as plain text. Each row in your Excel spreadsheet represents a single email message, ensuring a neat and organized data structure.

PST Viewer Pro works its magic on a variety of email sources, including Outlook .pst and .ost files, as well as single-file formats like .eml or .msg. The process remains consistent whether you’re converting from .Pst to .Csv, .Eml to .Csv, or .Msg to .Csv.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Download PST Viewer Pro directly from the publisher: Its free to download the free 15-day trial of PST Viewer Pro for Microsoft Windows 11 or 10.
  2. Select Your Source: Once you launch PST Viewer, choose the specific .pst, .ost, .mbox, .msg, or .eml email files you want to work with. You can also select an entire folder containing .eml and .msg files.
  3. Choose Your Emails: Select the email messages you wish to convert into a .CSV file. You can either opt for the “Ctrl-A” command to select all emails in the list or utilize PST Viewer Pro’s “Search” menu to fine-tune your selection.
  4. Set the Export Profile: Navigate to the Export tab and pick the “CSV” export profile from the drop-down menu.
  5. Execute the Export: With your emails and export profile in place, initiate the export process by clicking the “Export” button. Select your preferred location to save the CSV file.
  6. Import to Excel: The final step is a breeze. Import the CSV file into Microsoft Excel – typically as simple as a single click.

PST Viewer Pro boasts a ton of other useful features, and this article highlights just one aspect of its powerful email processing capabilities. Don’t forget to explore the various conversion Export Profiles in the drop-down list for different export operations, like PDF, images, Word docs, and other formats. As you dive into the features of PST Viewer Pro, you’ll find it to be an indispensable tool for managing your email data.

PST Viewer Pro is available for $89.99 per single license, with exclusive pricing options for users of PstViewer.com.