Understanding the “Display Remote Images” Option in Pst Viewer Pro™ 2023.

Main page of Pst Viewer Pro email viewer.

Pst Viewer Pro™ 2023 enables you to control whether or not to download and display email images that are hosted on a remote server. After installing Pst Viewer Pro 2023, the default action setting is off, i/e to not download the remote images. This setting is easily changed by going to Pst Viewer Pro’s Settings and checking the box for “Display Remote Images.”

Screen shot of Pst Viewer Pro 2023 Settings page.  A box is checked next to, "Display remote images."  Other incidental settings on this page include Application font, Load Pst/Ost at startup, Language (English USA is selected), Date format, Time format, Export speed (medium is selected). Buttons are OK, Apply, Cancel.

Even if this box is checked, the images cannot be displayed if they no longer exist. Although Pst Viewer Pro will attempt to retrieve the image, if the sender of the email has removed it, obviously there will be nothing to show. In that case, Pst Viewer Pro will insert a placeholder image. The phenomenon of missing remote images occurs quite regularly, especially in advertising emails. The older the batch of emails, the more likely it becomes that remotely hosted email images will not be available.

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