How To Bulk Extract Email File Attachments from Outlook .MSG files

.Msg email file attachment illustration
Pst Viewer Pro is a useful Windows software tool for managing Outlook .pst and .msg files. With PstViewer Pro you can view, search, convert, reply and forward to emails, and extract file attachments to a folder.If you have hundreds or thousands of Outlook .msg files on your computer, it may be useful to save a copy of those files some place where they can be indexed and more easily accessed.

This article will answer a specific question that Rob sent to us in the comment of a post recently:

“I have about 2,500 Outlook .msg files stored on a USB drive. How can I extract all of the file attachments to a folder so I can open them easier?”

This task is well suited to PST Viewer Pro, a specialized email viewing software application for Microsoft Windows. The developers have even included a special export operation in the software specifically for this task. Here’s how to use PST Viewer Pro to extract email attachments from .msg files.

First, download a free trial and install PstViewer Pro.

Next, using the Explorer navigation, select the folder where your .msg files are stored so that Pst Viewer Pro can read them into it’s mail list.

Open MSG files with PST Viewer Pro

From the Export Manager, choose the export profile “Only Attachments. As the name implies, this profile will causes Pst Viewer Pro to extract only the email file attachments and save them to a folder your select. In other words, PstViewer Pro will go through each .msg file in your list, make a copy of file attachments within the .msg file, and then save that copy outside of the .msg file to the folder that you select.

Pst Viewer Pro will process all of the email you select, and can process virtually any quantity, from one to thousands of .msg files.

Pst Viewer Pro can also extract and save file attachments from email stored as .eml, .ost .mbox and .pst files.

For more information or to download a free trial, visit the Pst Viewer Pro product home page at