Changing the Layout of Pst Viewer Pro E-mail Viewer

Pst Viewer Pro is a multiformat E-Mail viewer  for Microsoft Windows. You can use it to open Outlook PST, OLM, OST and MSG email files.  Messages are displayed in a maillist. A preview window lets you see the formatted content of the message.  Double clicking on an email in the list will cause it to open in a full screen view. Although many people prefer to have the E-Mail preview window below the maillist, there are those of us who prefer to have it displayed on the right.  It is a personal preference that Pst Viewer Pro can accommodate.Changing the layout orientation of Pst Viewer Pro’s preview window is easy to do.Start Pst Viewer Pro and then click the “View” menu. There are two controls on this menu that you’ll use to adjust the orientation of the preview window.

Click “Rotate Layout” and PstViewer Pro will move the preview window to the right hand side.

Layout controls in PstViewer Pro.
Locate the Layout Controls on the View Menu

What if you prefer the preview window on the left?  Click “Flip Layout” to move it the left side.

Tweak the layout of Pst Viewer Pro with these controls until you are satisfied.

Learn how to tweak the layout of Pst Viewer Pro software to put the e-mail viewing pane where you want it to appear.
PstViewer Pro with e-mail preview window on the right-hand side.

That’s all it takes!  Thanks for using Pst Viewer Pro!