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How to Convert Outlook PST Emails to XML

XML illustration with brackets.

There are many reasons to convert important emails from an Outlook .pst file into xml files: storage, import into another application like a CRM system, preservation, archiving, and conversion are just a few examples.

Software programmers across all languages are able to work with XML files, which define important email file fields between tags.

In an Outlook email file, there are many standard fields that define the data contained in an email message that is stored in a .pst file, or as a .msg file. Converting these fields into a standard xml object simplifies a software programmer’s work with email files.

Fortunately, PstViewer Pro by Encryptomatic LLC makes it easy to convert an Outlook email file into a xml file.

PstViewer Pro email viewer main menu.

PstViewer Pro is an advanced email viewer/converter used by professionals, corporations, governments, and individuals. Development began in 2006, and continues to this day. In addition to XML conversion, PstViewer Pro also allows converting Outlook emails to PDF, XLS, DOC, TXT, and different image files.

To convert an email to XML, first select the email(s) from the mail list. Then from the Export tab, choose XML as the target export format.

Image shows the selection of the XML email export format option.

Selecting the yellow “Export” button begins the operation. You can export one email to XML, or thousands. The operation will continue until all selected emails have been copied to equivalent XML files.

Image shows an email that has been converted to an XML file. Text between properties.
An Email Converted to XML.

Encryptomatic’s PstViewer Pro is free to download a try for 15 days. If it meets your needs, a license may be purchased online for immediate delivery. The license is perpetual and includes a year of updates and support, which may be optionally extended. Email and telephone support is included the first year for every licensee.

Download your free trial, and let us know in the comments if you have any questions about converting email to XML.