Rotating The Layout Of .Pst Viewer Pro E-Mail Viewer

PstViewer Pro is the leading commercial Windows email viewer software app. Wit it you can view, search and convert email messages stored as Microsoft Office Outlook .pst or .ost files, and individual email messages stored as .msg or .eml files.

In PstViewer Pro version 6.0, a new feature has been added that gives you control over the layout of the software. Below is the standard PstViewer Pro presentation window. The list of email messages is on top, with an email viewing pane below.

The standard lay for viewing email messages in PST Viewer Pro software for Windows.
PstViewer Pro main screen.

If you’re more accustomed to an Outlook layout that places the viewing panel along the right side, this can be easily be accomplished in PstViewer Pro 6.0

First, click the “View” tab. This is where you can make many different changes to the look and layout of PstViewer Pro.

Second, click “Rotate Layout.” Notice that the columns and layout will immediately change.  The list of email messages will appear in a vertical column on the left hand side, while the email message will appear in the right hand column.

Move email viewing pane to right column in PstViewer Pro.
PstViewer Pro layout control.

If you prefer to have the email viewing pane on your left side, you can easily do this by clicking the button “Flip Layout.”  The below image shows the result of this.

You can adjust the layout of PstViewer Pro email viewing by clicking "Flip Layout" button.
Flip the PstViewer Pro layout.

There are many other ways to make PstViewer Pro’s display settings conform to your preferences.  Feel free to click around in the View tab and experiment with the different options that are available in PstViewer Pro 6.0.

For more information about PstViewer Pro 6 email viewer for Outlook .pst/.ost files, or download a free trial, visit the PstViewer Pro home page.

How to Open a .PST File and Extract File Attachments

Email content is every where.  If you are an adminstrator who is expected to perform miracles on demand with .pst files, Pst Viewer Pro would be a great addition to your software toolkit.

Main image screen of PstViewer Pro with messages in the mail list.
PstViewer Pro email viewing software main screen

Pst Viewer Pro doesn’t require Microsoft Outlook in order to open .pst email database files.  It also opens the offline .ost exchange databases, as well as individual Outlook emails in .msg format, and even .eml files.

While there’s lot of software that can open email file types, Pst Viewer Pro is set apart  because it enables you do more things with those emails.

This is a screen image of PstViewer Pro showing the pdf selection list.
Select among a wide number of choices to convert email to PDF

Selected emails can be converted to differerent image formats, such as .gif, tif, png, and even .pdf.  It gives you a lot of control over how email file attachments are converted to PDF, allowing you to ignore the attachments, extract them, embed them within the pdf, or even attempt to convert them into the .pdf image.

Extract attachments from email stored in Outlook .pst files.

If you want to extract email attachments from .pst emails, Pst Viewer Pro has a export function called “Only Attachments.”  Select the option from the dropdown list, and click the Export button. Email attachments in the selected emails will be copied to a folder that you choose.

The attachments are not actually removed from the email, but rather copied. Pst Viewer Pro never changes the original .pst or .ost file, so you don’t need to worry about compromising the integrity of the .pst file.

There are many other ways to use PstViewer Pro. A command line tool lets you run it from any Windows batch file.

Download a free trial of PstViewer Pro. Quality is guaranteed with a 30 day refund policy.

Comparing PstViewer Pro And PstViewer Lite Outlook Email Viewers

One of the most frequently asked questions of the Pst Viewer support team at Encryptomatic LLC is, “What is the difference between the Lite and Pro PST viewers?”  This article will answer that question in detail.

PstViewer Pro began as a simple .msg file viewer in 2006.  Over the years, feature creep added many new and useful capabilities to the software. Some of these features required the addition of expensive 3rd party libraries and many hours of development.  Some of these capabilities are quite specific and enable customers to manage and convert email from Outlook .pst, .ost, .msg, and .eml files in complex ways.

The .pst viewer Pro main screen displaying an html email message from a .msg file.
Pst Viewer Pro main screen

Pst Viewer Lite was introduced in 2011. It was designed to fill a gap in the market for a high quality, low cost Outlook email viewing tool that is simple to use.  Priced at just $29.99 for a single license with quantity discounts available, Pst Viewer Lite has found a home in many organizations around the world.

Main screen of Pst Viewer Lite software application displaying an Outlook .msg email file in html formatting.
Pst Viewer Lite main screen

By comparing the opening screens for Pst Viewer Pro and Lite, it appears at first glance that they are not very dissimilar. The navigation and main viewing panes are very similar between the two. Both share the same high quality email rendering engine (MVCOM) that has more than 200 non-standard email formatting exceptions coded into it.  Both can display emails formatted as html, text or rich text.

Neither has difficulty displaying embedded email graphics.  Each of them provides access to email file attachments.

Printing of individual messages, and saving email as individual .pdf files is supported by both. You can also use either product to add individual email messages to a single .pdf file.

Neither Pst Viewer Pro or Lite requires that Microsoft Office Outlook be present on your Windows computer or tablet. Both function completely independent of Outlook and do not have a MAPI dependency.

Both Pst Viewer Pro and Lite provide quick search and advanced search functions, allow users to locate important messages.

Support is offered for both products, and a year of free updates is included when you purchase either.

With so many similarities, what differences exist between these viewers, besides price?

The differences between PstViewer Pro and Lite
Probably the most importance difference is bulk processing of email messages.  While Pst Viewer Pro and Lite share many capabilities, Pro is suited to bulk export conversion and printing of email content, including mixed content ( i/e .msg, .eml files togther in a single mail list).

Most of the differences can be seen on the quick access toolbar of both products, shown here.

PstViewer Pro toolbar includes an Export Profile drop down list

PstViewer Lite toolbar

Pst Viewer Pro makes use of Export Profiles.  They are displayed in a drop down list on the main toolbar.  Any export profile may be edited, deleted, or new export profiles may be created. Profiles are instructions that cause Pst Viewer Pro to act in a certain way. For example, they can include instructions on how exported emails should be named, or where files should be copied, or whether a copy of email file attachments should be saved to your hard disk.

Export profiles and bulk processing of messages allow Pst Viewer Pro to accomplish a wide variety of specialized tasks for our customers, saving them time and making them more efficient.  It accomplishes tasks that heretofore has required several software packages or much more expensive software packages.

Is Pst Viewer Pro or Lite best for your needs?
If you just need quick access to .pst, .ost, .eml, .msg or winmail.dat email files, and bulk conversion to PDF and other formats is not part of your mission, then Pst Viewer Lite is a great choice for you.

For bulk processing of email and converting to PDF format, then Pst Viewer Pro is the better choice. At $69.99, it is a bargain compared when comparing capability against cost.

You can download a free trial of either Pst Viewer Pro or Lite. A 15 day free trial is offered for both. You can also install and run both Lite and Pro on the same computer at the same time.

Download Pst Viewer Pro free trial

Download Pst Viewer Lite free trial

If you have any other specific questions about the capabilities of either viewer, please post them in the comments below!

Converting Email Files to .JPG Image Files

PstViewer Pro is an email view for Microsoft Windows. It provides a wide range of formats for converting email messages. This video shows how to use PstViewer Pro to convert .msg or .eml email files into .JPG image files.

Text or fully formatted html emails can be converted. If embedded email graphics are hosted remotely, PstViewer Pro will attempt to download those files to provide as a complete a rendering as possible.

PstViewer Pro includes a range of target export formats besides .jpg, including .pdf, .gif, .tif, .png and others. The conversion process is essentially the same for other file types as it is for jpg.

Step 1. Select the email or emails that you want to convert from the mail list.

Step 2. Choose the target export format from the drop down list. In this example, we’ll choose “Export to JPG.”

Step 3 is to click the Export button, and select a folder location to hold the .jpg files.

That’s it’s! Now you can format email messages into jpg images.

Download a free 15 day trial of PstViewer Pro.

Opening Outlook .PST And .OST Files Without Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is the leading email client software for good reason. It’s long been the gold standard when it comes to organizing personal information such as email, calendars, contacts, notes and more.  
Outlook can be used as a stand-alone email application, or it can be configured to work with Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SharePoint Server in a business organization. When Outlook is configured as a standalone application, it will save email messages as .pst files.  In an Exchange Server environment, an .ost file is stored locally and synched to a.pst file will remain on the Exchange server.
If you have accumulated ost or pst files from your work environments, you may find it difficult to access the email messages stored in these files once you remove them from your original work environment. While you could buy Outlook to open the .pst files, you may find that some of the information in the file that was associated with your Exchange profile is no longer accessible.  
Pst Viewer Pro is a Windows app that makes opening and searching .pst or .ost files a simple task.  Despite it’s name, Pst Viewer Pro can open both .pst and .ost files, as well email messages in .eml, .msg, .mht and winmail.dat files, making it a useful multi-format email viewer and a nice tool to have in your Windows software toolkit.
Screen shot of Pst Viewer Pro main menu showing an email rendered in viewing pane.
Pst Viewer Pro 

Searching for email files with Pst Viewer Pro can be done two ways. The easiest way is to just type a phrase in the search box along the top toolbar. Alternatively, you can perform a more detailed search by clicking the Search button from the toolbar, and going to the Advanced Search window where you can enter in specific search criteria and specify which fields to search across.

Pst Viewer Pro toolbar
Pst Viewer Pro Toolbar
When you find the email messages you’re searching or, Pst Viewer Pro will let you export them to different formats, such as .pdf, Excel .csv, .eml, .gif, .tif, .bmp, .png, and others.  Exporting email is done from the main toolbar, by selecting the format from a dropdown window and then clicking the Export button.
Screen shot showing how to export email messages with PST Viewer Pro
Exporting an email using Pst Viewer Pro
Pst Viewer Pro can also open password protected .pst and .ost files, even if you have forgotten the password. This is done by simply opening the .pst file. If it detects password protection, it will bypass it automatically.
Pst files can get very large. Some are upwards of 20 GB. If you are running a 64-bit Windows operating system, then the Pst Viewer Pro installer will automatically install the 64-bit version of the software that is able to make use of higher amounts of memory. Tests have shown that this improves search and export operations dramatically. There no extra cost for the 64-bit version of Pst Viewer Pro.
If you’re not sure that Pst Viewer Pro will be able to open your .pst or .ost files, download the two week free trial and test it out.  Encryptomatic LLC will also refund your purchase price if you are dissatisfied after purchase.
If you need to move Pst Viewer Pro to a different computer, you can do that. Just uninstall it on computer one, and the key will be reset that you can re-install on computer two.

For more information about  purchasing Pst Viewer Pro, or to download a free trial, click here to visit the product home page.

Pst Viewer Pro is now a 64-bit application


Pst Viewer Pro has been updated to a 64-bit Windows application in version 4.8.  This update means that Pst Viewer Pro can now take advantage of the higher addressable memory of 64-bit computers.  While 32-bit Windows systems are limited to less than 4 gigabytes, 64-bit Windows systems running native 64-bit software applications can address beyond hundreds of gigabytes of memory.

Outlook email messages are stored in personal storage tables, or PST files.  PST files contain email messages, file attachments, calendar items and notes, and can grow to be several gigabytes.  We’ve seen them as large as 50 GB.  Pst Viewer Pro will now have the benefit of fully utilizing the memory on your computer while it performs search and export operations.

Version 4.8 of Pst Viewer Pro was released in February, 2013. The trial download file combines both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions into a single installer, and will automatically install the correct version on your computer. Version 4.8 has many important updates and is recommended for all current Pst Viewer Pro customers. Current customers who have not installed version 4.8 will have a 32-bit version. To update from within Pst Viewer Pro, go to Help > Check for Updates

current customers can install Pst Viewer Pro 4.8 from inside the software.

Run the Pst Viewer Pro update installer.  If your computer is running a 64 bit Windows operating system, then Pst Viewer Pro 64-bit will be installed automatically. If you want to check to be sure, go to Help > About and look for the Pst Viewer Pro version number.

About screen confirming 64 bit installation

Preliminary tests on a laptop running 8 GB of RAM show a marked increase in performance while searching a 2.5 GB pst file.

Pst Viewer Pro can also export Outlook emails to PDF and other formats. PDF export operations also showed a significant improvement in speed while converting email file attachments to PDF images.

 Pst Viewer Pro 4.8 includes a number of important updates. Here’s the change log:

– 64 bit PSTViewer Pro version
– Easy selection for all messages in the list, “Select all” context menu item has been added
– “Connect with us” menu item
– New association icons
– Improved EML decoding
– Improved message enumeration indicator in the status bar

Bug fixes

– Fixed incorrect shortcut icons in the folder tree
– Removed VML artifacts from HTML message body (MSG, PST, OST files)
– Resolved subject cutting in Japanese for some EML files
– Fixed very small font size in PDF export
– Fix for error ‘System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not find file DockLayouts.xml’
– Fix for error ‘System.OutOfMemoryException’ when reading messages
– MHT file icon is missing for 64-bit system
– Improved export to MBOX format, removed odd new line symbols
– Corrected exporting MSG file with MSG attachment to EML format with “noname” file attachments.

Download a free trial of PstViewer Pro.

Appending An Email Message To An Existing PDF File

The most recent version of Pst Viewer Pro includes new features that customers have been asking for, such as the ability to export individual email messages to an existing PDF file.

One of our customers took the time to explain to use the usefulness of a feature like this. While Pst Viewer Pro has long provided the ability to export emails to individual PDF files, and more recently to a single PDF file, there was no practical way to export individual emails to an existing PDF.  Our customer explained that she was required to collect messages relating to a legal case, and that the messages needed to be organized into a single pdf document.  With this feature, she can now continue adding correspondence to a PDF file even if they are found in different .pst files or are discovered at different times. Prior to this feature in Pst Viewer Pro, she needed to individually export the message to PDF and then use a different tool to append the newly created file to an existing one. This feature will save her hours of work and eliminate a redundant process.

Here’s how use this new feature.

Toolbar bar icon for appending a email to an existing pdf file with Pst Viewer Pro.
Append email messages to a pdf file.

First, open an Outlook .pst or .ost file, or select the folder where your .eml or .msg files are located.  Pst Viewer Pro goes to work reading in the email messages and then displays them in a file.

Next, click on an email that you want to export to .pdf.  After the message is selected, choose the export profile (in our case we will choose from the drop down a profile named, “PDF – attachments embedded”).  To export the file to the selected format, click the +PDF button from Pst Viewer Pro’s main toolbar.  Enter a name for the file — let’s call it PDF1 —  and Pst Viewer Pro will create a file calledf PDF1.pdf that contains with our email message.

Say we find another email and we want to add to PDF1.pdf. How can do we do that?
Follow the same process we just mentioned in the paragraph above. When it comes time to name the file, click on PDF1.pdf.  Pst Viewer Pro will append the new email message to the bottom of PDF1.pdf.

Download a free trial of Pst Viewer Pro, or visit the product’s home page for more information.

A PST Viewer App for Apple iPad

 Many iPad users also own a Windows desktop or laptop computer with Microsoft Outlook.  If you’re one of those adventurous people who is looking to make the switch completely to the iPad, here’s how you can bring your legacy Outlook email along with you, without a complicated email conversion process.

Pst Mail is a pst viewer for iPad. With Pst Mail,  you can search and view your Microsoft Outlook PST files.   At $9.99, Pst Mail provides a lot of value for the buck.

This pst file viewer supports iOS 6 and also iPhone 5. It has built in support for Dropbox and iTunes files.  Given iPad’s inability to receive standard USB drives, being able to load large files from a cloud drive is a huge plus and really the only practical way to proceed.

We moved a small 12 MB pst file containing about 1,000 email messages to Dropbox (note: we used a live pst file and have had to blur out some of the data for privacy reasons). After entering our Dropbox credentials in Pst Mail, it easily transferred the pst file to our iPad.

The next thing Pst Mail asked us was if we wanted to scan the file in order to map email addresses from Exchange to Internet style?  We tapped on “Create Map” and Pst Mail completed the operation in mere seconds.

Pst Mail’s navigation is very intuitive and simple to use. On the left side of your iPad, you select your pst file, then select the folder you want to view. A mail list will appear on the left side. Tap an email message you want to view and it will open in full screen.

Screen shot of pst folders in iPad
How Pst folders are displayed

A nice feature of Pst Mail is its ability to allow you to reply to an email in your pst file. Reply works as expected, with the message appearing in your reply email.

Searching your pst file is straight forward. Touch the magnifying class icon, and enter your search term.

Search box for Pst Mail. Search Pst file on Apple iPad
Quick search a pst file on your iPad

You can search across the From, To, Subject fields, or all of them. An advanced search option lets you search across additional fields, including CC/BCC, message text, attachment names, search by date range,  as well as searching subfolders. These items are off by default, and that’s our only complaint about Pst Mail; we think they should be on by default so that new users will have a better first-search experience.

Pst Mail's advanced search feature lets you search Outlook .pst files on iPad
Advanced Pst file search screen

Pst Mail did a good job rendering our html, text and rich text emails. It also provides access to email file attachments. Just click the paper click icon in the top right corner of your iPad screen.  Pressing the paper clip logo displays the email’s file attachments. Touch the file attachment and you’ll have the opportunity to select an application to open the file.

While we tested a small PST file, we have not yet had time to complete a larger stress test by uploading a 2GB or greater sized pst file.  When we have completed that test, we’ll come back and update this review.  Still, Pst Mail had no hesitation in performing brilliantly with our test of a small 12 MB pst file.  Based our experience, we liked what we saw and we have no hesitation in recommending Pst Mail for opening small pst files.

Learn more about Pst Mail at the Apple’s iTunes store. We think it’s a bargain at $9.99.

There is also a Lite version of Pst Mail that you can download free. It’s primarily for demo purposes and provides limited access to your emails. 

A Single Email Viewer App for Accessing Multiple Email Formats

Email content stored in different formats can be inconvenient to search and manage.With  PST Viewer Pro, you can open up to seven common email file types with this single Windows software application. 

Pst Viewer Pro home page. Open many differnet email formats with one Outlook email viewer.
One email viewer to open multiple email file types.

Pst Viewer Pro will open Outlook PST and OST files. These files contain multiple email messages, including their file attachments. They are typically larger files (2 GB is very common). Until recently only Microsoft Office Outlook could open these types of files, but publication by Microsoft of the PST file specification has allowed software developers to access these files.

Pst Viewer Pro will also open Outlook MSG files. These are individual email messages that have been saved outside of an Outlook PST or OST file.  A .MSG file contains a single email message. They are often created  when an Outlook user forwards an email or saves a message to their hard drive.

Occassionally, email messages created by Outlook will arrive in a non-Outlook email client as a Winmail.dat file.  These files are often caused by the fact that Outlook formatted .msg files do not conform to the RFC-822 or RFC-2822 standard.  They are used to preserve Rich Text formatting of a Microsoft Outlook generated email. During transport of the message over the internet,
the content of the message may be changed, preventing email
client from reading the formatting instructions. Pst Viewer Pro can also open winmail.dat files, even when your email client cannot.

Pst Viewer can also open .EML files, which are RFC-822 compliant email transport documents. They files are created by email clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird or Windows Live Mail.  EML files are similar to MHT or MHTML “mime html” files, which are self-contained HTML files. MHT or MHTML files contain all of the formatting information, images, text, etc., within the file.  Web pages are often archived in this format because sharing a website as a single file instead of many individual files is very convenient. MHT and MHTML files can also be viewed by Pst Viewer Pro.

Pst Viewer Pro supported file types:

MSG (Outlook)
OST (Outlook)
PST (Outlook)
EML (RFC-822)

In addition to its viewing capabilities, Pst Viewer Pro can be used to export messages to PDF and other image formats such as BMP, TIF, GIF, PNG and JPG.  It can also save emails a CSV spreadsheet files, or text files.

Download a 15 day from trial from this website
Click here to visit the PST Viewer Pro homepage.

How to Extract File Attachments from an Outlook PST File?

PstViewer Pro is a viewer for Outlook .pst files, but did you know it can also extract file attachments from thousands of emails stored in an Outlook .pst or .ost file, and save them to a folder on your hard drive?  This article will show you how.

First, you’ll need to download a trial of Pst Viewer Pro and install it on your Windows computer. After you do that, continue reading.

When we say “extract” file attachments from email, what we really mean is “make a copy of the file attachments and save them to your hard drive.” Pst Viewer Pro won’t delete the file attachments from the emails in your Outlook .pst file. Those files will still be attached to the emails, but at the end of the process you will also have a copy of those email file attachments in an accessible folder, where you can open and view them easily.

Pst Viewer viewing pane
Pst Viewer Email List

Start Pst Viewer Pro, and use the Search function to locate the email files that you want to extract.  For example, if you want to extract files from all emails in the Inbox, then click on “Inbox” in Pst Viewer Pro’s .pst folder navigation structure. It will look like this:

Outlook .pst folder structure
Pst Folder Structure

Next, after the emails have been listed, click on the email file list and type “Ctrl-A” to select all emails.

Click the “Export” icon from the main toolbar. It’s the icon with the green arrow pointing at yellow paper.

.PST Viewer Export button

This will pop up the email export manager.  Choose “Only Attachments” from the list, as in this image, then click Start to begin the export process. You may be prompted to select a folder on your computer where the file will be stored.

How to export file attachments from an Outlook .pst file

Pst Viewer Pro will go to work copying your email file attachments from
emails to your folder. When it’s finished, you will have a very full
folder, with lots of files in it.

Pst Viewer Pro lets you customize any of the export profiles. An export profile is simply one of the named selections from the Export Manager drop down list. For example, “Only Attachments” is an export profile.

If you wish, you can customize “Only Attachments” by selecting it in the export manager and clicking the small “Edit” icon.  This will reveal the guts of the export profile.

Editing the .pst export profile
Export Profile for saving .PST file attachments

There are many settings you can change in any export profile. For example, you can tell Pst Viewer Pro to give a specific naming structure to the attachments it exports from the Outlook .pst.  You can select a specific destination folder that will always be used.

If you have any questions or comments, please talk to us in the comments section below.

If you are a Microsoft Outlook user and you want to extract file attachments from inside Outlook, consider MessageExport, an Outlook add-in that can perform many tasks similar to Pst Viewer Pro but from inside Outlook.

Editor’s Note: as of the version 4.7 release of Pst Viewer Pro, the export operations have been moved to the main toolbar to make the operation even easier. An updated version of this article based on the new user interface may be found here.