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Convert Outlook PST File Email Messages

Outlook Pst Viewer supports batch export operations to convert .PST and .Ost files or selected emails to different formats.

Outlook PstViewer has a flexible profile-driven command line interface. It can be accessed through the included PSTViewerConsole.exe utility located in the program folder directory.

Create specific profiles in Outlook PstViewer to perform precise operations and call them from the command line using PstViewerConsole.exe. For example:
PSTViewerConsole.exe --export

In this example, lets consider exporting emails to .PDF format. To do this using PstViewerConsole.exe, we set to be “PDF” and will be the source folder containing the emails that we want to convert to PDF files.

We can adjust the PDF profile to our needs using the PSTViewer interface to perform a variety of specific functions, such as specifying which data separator to use, and which directory to export the emails to.

For example: "C:\PSTViewerConsole.exe" --export "PDF" "C:\input_folder\"

Detailed information about configuring and using PstViewerConsole can be found in the PstViewer Pro help system.

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