Open Outlook .PST files with Pst Viewer Lite

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Outlook .pst viewer lite

Pst Viewer Lite is an Outlook .pst file viewer priced right at $19.99. It lets you search, print, copy and export the emails in your Outlook .pst, .ost, and .mbox email files. Export a selected email to different formats for archiving, including .PDF, HTML, and other formats.  It also is a .msg file viewer, and can even read .eml files.

When Pst Viewer Lite loads, you’ll see a familiar interface that mimics a standard email client.

Pst Viewer Lite email viewer
PstViewer Lite Viewer for Microsoft Outlook .pst files

To read a .pst file, use the folder list to select the location of your .pst or .msg files.   When selecting a .pst file, just click on it and Pst Viewer Lite will display the folder structure of the .pst file.

Examine .pst file folder structure
Pst Viewer Lite will show the .Pst file folder structure.

Click on the top folder in your .pst file to load all of the email messages. If you want to load emails from a specific folder, just click on that folder.

The emails in the folder you select will appear in the mail list.

Email list
Email messages display in Pst Viewer Lite’s list. Double click on any message to open in a full view window.

The Pst Viewer Lite toolbar puts the most important functions within one click of your email list.  You can reply, reply all, or forward email messages in your .pst file using your default email client.  A Print function lets you print out a paper copy of select emails.

Pst Viewer Lite toolbar
Pst Viewer Lite toolbar
Search a .pst file
Search Your Outlook .PST file with Pst Viewer Lite

Pst Viewer Lite has an advanced search function that lets you search an entire .pst file for emails that match a specific criteria.  No indexing is required for Pst Viewer Lite to execute a search.  Results are displayed in the mail list.

System administrators who want to deploy a .pst file viewer to their enterprise will find Pst Viewer Lite has many necessary admin features: adjust the user interface, remove unwanted functions from the menu, .MSI file for deployment, command line registration, silent deployment, and much more. To learn more, see Pst Viewer Lite’s help file instructions for full details.

PST viewer command line switches
Enterprise deployment help of Pst Viewer Lite is included in the Help File

For the price, Pst Viewer Lite packs many powerful features for .pst file management. To learn more about Pst Viewer Lite, try it free for 15 days.
Download a free trial of Pst Viewer Lite from the product website.