Understanding .Pst Viewer Pro Export Profiles.

When viewing .pst files or .msg email messages without Microsoft Outlook, PstViewer Pro can’t be beat.  PstViewer Pro has many features that make it a great tool not only for opening Outlook emails, but processing them in various ways.  One of its powerful features is export profiles. Export profiles are instruction sets that can be customized in many ways to create specific solutions that help you get your email processing work done faster.What are export profiles?  When ever you select an email message and then choose a target format from the drop down list, you are interacting with export profiles.  For example, go to PstViewer Pro’s “Export” tab, and choose “Single PDF – attachments converted/included.” 

Screen shot of the location of the Export Profiles drop down box.
Export Profiles are selected from the Export Tab

“Single PDF” is in fact an export profile. You can customize this particular export profile, or any of the others that appear in the list.  You can also create your own by selecting “New Profile.”

Let’s see what options we have to modify the “Single PDF” profile we have selected.  Click “Edit Profile” and the profile editor screen will appear.  In the animated .gif below, we walk you through the various options that are available to customize this profile.

How to select items from the PstViewer Pro profile editor, with the Single PDF profile selected.
PstViewer Pro’s Profile Editor

For this profile, it’s possible to change the export format from PDF to GIF, TIF, PNG, or any of the other target formats that are pre-built into PstViewer Pro.

You can indicate a custom page size and ortientation.

PstViewer Pro supports exporing to PDF in the ISO 190005-1 PDF/A standard.

You can tell PstViewer Pro to apply a custom naming scheme to the PDF files it creates.   Select “File Naming>Custom Naming Schema” and then expand by clicking the “…” box. This will bring up Export Naming Editor.


Image shows the naming editor for PstViewer Pro.
Give exported email messages a custom name

Drag and drop the elements and arrange them to create the file naming scheme that your project requires.

Try PstViewer Pro Free
If Encryptomatic’s PstViewer Pro can help you with your project, download a free trial. Test it for 15 days. If it’s a good fit for you, we would love to have you as a customer.


PstViewer Pro main screen image.
PstViewer Pro email viewer. Open Outlook .PST files.


Outlook Alternative: Viewing MS Outlook .PST Files With Pst Viewer Pro

With the update of Outlook 2013, Microsoft has reaffirmed it’s commitment to Outlook as an important part of the Office suite, launching into the touch world of Windows 8.  I’ve been a user since 2000, and over the years have accumulated a large collection of .pst and .msg email files that contain an important business and relationship history.  Pst files are the Outlook database files that store all of your email messages, calendar items, file attachments, contacts, etc., and they can get quite large.   I also have Windows folders filled with .msg and .eml files; these are individual email messages that have been saved outside of Outlook.

Pst Viewer Pro  is a tool that can augment my relationship to MS Outlook. It provides a flexible capability to view email stored in my older Outlook pst, .ost, .msg or .eml files.

Pst Viewer Pro is an Outlook viewer for Windows. Search .pst and .ost files. Download a free trial.

Use the folder navigation on the left side of Pst Viewer Pro to select the location of your .pst or .msg files.  Pst Viewer Pro can read an entire directory of thousands of individual .msg files, or if can open a single .pst  or .ost file and display all of the emails inside.  To select a .pst file, click on it. This will cause the emails to be displayed in the mail list.

Pst Viewer Pro's folder list showing a directory with many Outlook .pst files.

Click on any email in the mail list that you would like to view, and it will be displayed in the viewing pane. Messages are rendered in full html, rich text or text formatting, with hyperlinks active.  If you double click on an email in the list, it will be displayed in a separate window that supports full screen viewing.  You can have multiple emails open in this manner.

Pst Viewer Pro’s toolbar provides quick access to often used functions, including export functions, including the capability to export selected emails to PDF and other formats.

Toolbar for PST Viewer Pro
Pst Viewer Pro Tool Bar

To export emails to pdf, first search the .pst file to find the email messages you want to convert to .pdf.
Next, select the email messages from the mail list.  To select all emails in the list, type Ctrol-A on your Windows keyboard.
Finally, select the desired export profile from the drop down list and then click the start button. An animated image below will demonstrate the entire process of searching, selecting, and exporting.

Image shows how to search a Outlook .pst file and then convert the emails into .pdf file.
Search a pst file and export emails to .pdf

Pst Viewer Pro is a multi-functional email viewer that supports .pst, .msg, .eml and .ost files. You can search for emails, view them in the viewing pane, and even export emails to .pdf,  and other formats.  Pst Viewer Pro helps manage your email content.  Download a trial today and enjoy Pst Viewer Pro free for 15 days.

Opening Outlook .PST And .OST Files Without Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is the leading email client software for good reason. It’s long been the gold standard when it comes to organizing personal information such as email, calendars, contacts, notes and more.  
Outlook can be used as a stand-alone email application, or it can be configured to work with Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SharePoint Server in a business organization. When Outlook is configured as a standalone application, it will save email messages as .pst files.  In an Exchange Server environment, an .ost file is stored locally and synched to a.pst file will remain on the Exchange server.
If you have accumulated ost or pst files from your work environments, you may find it difficult to access the email messages stored in these files once you remove them from your original work environment. While you could buy Outlook to open the .pst files, you may find that some of the information in the file that was associated with your Exchange profile is no longer accessible.  
Pst Viewer Pro is a Windows app that makes opening and searching .pst or .ost files a simple task.  Despite it’s name, Pst Viewer Pro can open both .pst and .ost files, as well email messages in .eml, .msg, .mht and winmail.dat files, making it a useful multi-format email viewer and a nice tool to have in your Windows software toolkit.
Screen shot of Pst Viewer Pro main menu showing an email rendered in viewing pane.
Pst Viewer Pro 

Searching for email files with Pst Viewer Pro can be done two ways. The easiest way is to just type a phrase in the search box along the top toolbar. Alternatively, you can perform a more detailed search by clicking the Search button from the toolbar, and going to the Advanced Search window where you can enter in specific search criteria and specify which fields to search across.

Pst Viewer Pro toolbar
Pst Viewer Pro Toolbar
When you find the email messages you’re searching or, Pst Viewer Pro will let you export them to different formats, such as .pdf, Excel .csv, .eml, .gif, .tif, .bmp, .png, and others.  Exporting email is done from the main toolbar, by selecting the format from a dropdown window and then clicking the Export button.
Screen shot showing how to export email messages with PST Viewer Pro
Exporting an email using Pst Viewer Pro
Pst Viewer Pro can also open password protected .pst and .ost files, even if you have forgotten the password. This is done by simply opening the .pst file. If it detects password protection, it will bypass it automatically.
Pst files can get very large. Some are upwards of 20 GB. If you are running a 64-bit Windows operating system, then the Pst Viewer Pro installer will automatically install the 64-bit version of the software that is able to make use of higher amounts of memory. Tests have shown that this improves search and export operations dramatically. There no extra cost for the 64-bit version of Pst Viewer Pro.
If you’re not sure that Pst Viewer Pro will be able to open your .pst or .ost files, download the two week free trial and test it out.  Encryptomatic LLC will also refund your purchase price if you are dissatisfied after purchase.
If you need to move Pst Viewer Pro to a different computer, you can do that. Just uninstall it on computer one, and the key will be reset that you can re-install on computer two.

For more information about  purchasing Pst Viewer Pro, or to download a free trial, click here to visit the product home page.

Open MSG and EML files without Microsoft Outlook

Files with the Msg and Eml extension are self-contained email message files. They are usually created by email client software like Microsoft Outlook when someone wants to forward a complete copy of an email message to another person. Each msg or eml file contains
a complete email message, including internet header information such as the To/From/Sent data, and
file attachments.  Sometimes they
are created for email archiving or during a legal discovery process.  

While Microsoft Outlook can create .msg files and open them individually, it
does not provide a process for importing msg or eml files directly back into
the Outlook pst database program.  PstViewer Pro is a Windows software application that can help you manage a folder
with dozens or thousands of these files, even if you do not have Microsoft

PstViewer Pro opens Outlook .msg files. Screen shot.
PstViewer Pro opens .msg files

Pst Viewer Pro lets you display Outlook .msg files formatted as a rich text, html or text.  You can search a
directory of msg or eml files, discover the files that are important to you, and
then view them, access file attachments, print, or convert them to pdf and
other formats, including text, mht, html, and image files such as .gif, .tif,
.png, .bmp.

With Pst Viewer Pro, you can reply to emails through the default email
client app on your computer. Pst Viewer Pro supports Reply, Reply All, or
Forward email with file attachments.

Retrieving file attachments from Msg or Eml Files
Often the most important part of an email are the files that are
attached to it. Pst Viewer Pro gives quick access to file attachments. You can
simply click on the attachments to open them in their native application. You
can right click on file attachments and save them to a folder on your computer
hard drive, or you can drag and drop file attachments from Pst Viewer Pro to
your desktop.

What if you have thousands of msg or eml files and you want to extract all
file attachments?  Pst Viewer Pro makes
this a very easy task.  First, select all
of your emails in your maillist (ctrol-A will select all emails). Next choose “Only
Attachments” from the email export drop down list, then click the “Export”
button. Pst Viewer Pro will examine each .msg or .eml file and if it finds an
attachment, it will make a copy of the attachment and save it  to a folder location that you specify.

Export MSG or EML files to PDF
Pst Viewer Pro can export msg and eml files to PDF files. Whether you have one email file or thousands of them, Pst Viewer Pro can convert them into PDF files in a single bulk operation. Special features are included for handling email file attachments, which may optionally be extracted to a folder on the hard disk, converted into the PDF image, or stored as separate files within the PDF.

Convert eml and msg files to PDF with Pst Viewer Pro. Screen shot shows drop down menu.
Convert Msg and Eml files into PDF files

Msg and eml files can also be bulk printed using Pst Viewer Pro.

A convenience of using Pst Viewer Pro is that the presence of Microsoft Outlook is not required for Pst Viewer Pro to
function. It is able to function independently of Outlook.

Pst Viewer Pro has features that administrators appreciate.  It can be deployed conveniently from a .msi file.  Silent installation mode is available. A host of command line switches give administrators the ability to customize the Pst Viewer Pro GUI, removing unnecessary features.  Registration can also be deployed through the command line.  A registration-free version is available for enterprise purchases.  Pst Viewer Pro can function from a batch file, making it ideal for email processing.

Pst Viewer Pro works with Microsoft Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000, or Windows Server 2003 or later.  It can
read any Outlook msg file, and any RFC-822 standards compliant eml
file.   In addition to msg and eml files, it can also open Microsoft
Outlook .pst and .ost files, which can be very large database files containing
thousands of email messages.

Pst Viewer Pro is a multi-function email viewer capable of rendering and
managing your .msg, .eml, .pst, .ost and even .mht files.  A 15 day free trial of Pst Viewer Pro can be
downloaded, followed by a 30 day money back guarantee. Try Pst Viewer Pro risk free today. 

If you have any questions about Pst Viewer Pro, call the Encryptomatic LLC sales team at 1-651-815-4902 x1.

How to search an Outlook .PST file that has not been indexed.

Perform a Quick Search of Outlook .PST Files with PST Viewer Pro software.
Searching .pst files for an important email can be done from within Microsoft Outlook. Outlook will return excellent search results if the .pst file has been indexed.

If the .pst file has not been indexed, Outlook may require several days to complete the process. Until the indexing is completed, any results returned in a search operation may be incomplete. 

What can you do if you do not have Microsoft Outlook on your computer, or if you need to search a .PST file that has not  been indexed?  For people in the litigation industry who are receiving .pst files as part of the discovery process that must be completed quickly, waiting days for Outlook to finishing indexing  a .pst file is not acceptable.

There are software applications that can perform an immediate search of Outlook .pst files.  PST Viewer Pro is a viewer that will allow you to search, print, view, and export email stored in Outlook .pst files.  Pst Viewer Pro does not depend on the presence of Microsoft Outlook, as some applications do, to be able to open .pst files.  After a brief enumerating period where it scans the messages in the pst file, Pst Viewer Pro can allow you to perform an immediate search on an entire .pst file, or just selected folders.

To begin the process, first download a 15 free trial of PST Viewer Pro and start it up. When the software loads, use the folder view on your left side to navigate to the folder where you .pst file resides.  Click on  the .PST file you wish to search.

Download a Free Trial of PST Viewer Pro

To tell Pst Viewer Pro that you want to search the entire .pst file, right click on it and choose “Switch to scan with subfolders.”  This will cause any search operation to begin at the top of the .pst file, and move through all recursive directories.

Screen shot of Outlook .pst file nested directory folder structure.
Pst Viewer Pro shows folder structure of Outlook .pst files.

There are two basic searches that can be performed with PST Viewer Pro: a quick search, and an advanced search.

To perform a quick search of the .pst file, type your search term into the search box on the upper right corner of PstViewer Pro. You will soon see any results matching your query displayed in the viewing window.

Search a .PST file quickly using PstViewer Pro’s quick search box.

PstViewer Pro can also perform an advanced search.  To enter the search menu, click the Search icon in main toolbar.

Advanced search Icon in PST Viewer Pro

You will now see a search window into which you can enter additional criteria for searching your Outlook .PST file.

PstViewer Pro search criteria window

There are various options you can specify to tell Pst Viewer Pro whether it should search subfolders.  Because Pst Viewer Pro also can search .msg and .eml files, you have the option to include those items in your search.  You can tell Pst Viewer Pro to match the case of the text, match whole words, or to search emails that fall between a stard date and an end date.

 To go even deeper into setting PST file search criteria, click the Advanced tab.

PstViewer Pro advanced search criteria window.

Advanced PST search criteria also lets you focus your search on specific email fields, such as From, Subject, email header, To, CC and message text.

If you find yourself having to perform a search on a Outlook .pst file, download PstViewer Pro and get started. The trial runs 14 days and is unrestricted, except that export operations are limited to 50 items at a time.  PstViewer Pro is $69.99. Click the link to buy.

Visit the PST Viewer Pro home page for more information.