Viewing Pst Files Stored on Dropbox Cloud Service

Pst Viewer Pro is a flexible tool for viewing and searching Outlook email messages. The latest update includes the ability to open emails that are stored through the Dropbox email service.  Large PST files that are synched through Dropbox may be opened by Pst Viewer Pro.

To open a .pst file with Pst Viewer Pro from Dropbox, you would select the file from within the Explorer Tree folder view.  This is the the folder navigation structure that appears on the left side of your Pst Viewer Pro screen.

The navigation path would typically be Desktop > Computer > C:  > Users > {User Name} > Desktop > Dropbox

If a PST file is present in your Dropbox folder it will be visible in the file explorer. You can expand the pst file to show its structure. Click on a folder, and the emails in that folder will be shown in the maillist.   To see all emails in the pst file, click on the top folder of the pst file heirarchy.

Use Pst Viewer Pro to open a pst file stored on Dropbox cloud storage service.
Pst Viewer Pro lets you open pst files on Dropbox

This method also works for Google Drive, Skydrive and most other cloud services that replicate content from the cloud to your local drive.

Pst Viewer Pro is an advanced viewer for Outlook email content. It opens email container files that have the extensions of pst, ost, eml, mht or msg.  You can use Pst Viewer Pro to search email content, and convert it to useful formats like pdd, and many others.  You can download a 15 day free trial of Pst Viewer Pro and learn more from the product home page.

How to open a .PST file without Outlook?

If you brought home an Outlook .pst file from work, but you don’t have Outlook at home, you may be asking yourself, “How can I open a .pst file without Outlook?”

This is a routine question for people who use Microsoft Outlook at work, but who hope to retain access to their contacts and email history when planning to leave their employer.  For many of us, our work day revolves around Outlook. Losing access to the .pst file that stores our Outlook data would be like losing a large piece of our memory.

As long as your employer has not taken steps to prevent data leakage by applying perimeter encryption (i/e automatically encrypting all files that are copied from the network),  then it is possible to open the .pst file, view and search email messages, and even export email to different formats.

Perimeter encryption is different than Outlook’s built-in encryption or Outlook password protection. In either of those latter cases, Pst Viewer Pro will be able to open those .pst files for you.

.PST file viewer email list
Pst Viewer Pro main menu

Pst Viewer Pro is an Outlook viewer software application for Windows that has advanced functions for managing .pst file contents.  You can download a free 15 day trial of Pst Viewer Pro if you would like to follow along with this article.

How to open a .pst file
To open a .pst file with Pst Viewer Pro, use the folder navigation on the left side of the screen to locate the folder containing your .pst file.  By clicking on the .pst file, you can expand it to reveal the folder structure.

Each folder within the .pst file relates directly to an email folder that you would see in Outlook. For example Inbox would be your Outlook inbox, and Outbox would be your Outlook outbox. 

.pst file structure
Pst Viewer Pro will show the structure of your Outlook .pst file

To view emails in the .pst file, just click on the file or folder you want to view. Pst Viewer Pro will go to work reading in the messages, and will display each message in the mail list.  Click on an email to have it display in the preview pane. If you need a closer look, double click on it to open in a full screen view. 

Pst Viewer Pro not only lets you view emails in your Outlook .pst file, but you can also search using advanced criteria such as a date range or email message text.

You can export emails from you .pst file to PDF and other formats, reply to messages, extract file attachments, and much more.

Download a free trial of Pst Viewer Pro and you’ll soon have access to all of the important content that is locked inside your Outlook .pst file.

“How can I open a PST file without Outlook?”

Opening a PST file without Outlook.

Thanks to Microsoft’s release of the PST file specification to software developers, its now possible to open PST files without Outlook.
Microsoft Outlook email client is the original source of billions of .PST files in the world. For years, their PST format was a closed secret. But in 2010, Microsoft began publishing parts of the PST specification. This has allowed software developers to create tools such as PST Viewers (often referred to as Outlook Viewers) that can give you access to your emails, even if you don’t have Microsoft Outlook installed on your computer.

If you need to open a PST file, why not just install Outlook? That is certainly a fair question, because Outlook is an excellent email client (although it can be a bit pricey). I have used Outlook for years, and I love it.
But there are occasions where its easy to envision the usefulness of a PST viewer:

If you used Outlook at work, but you don’t have it at home and you wish to have access to your work email.  
If you have moved on to a different email client, like Lotus Notes or Thunderbird, and its important to you have access to your email history, then a Outlook Viewer may be the right choice.
If you have several PST files you need to search immediately and you don’t have days to wait for Outlook to index your files, a PST viewer can give you quick access to your emails.

How do Outlook .PST Viewers Work?

Most Outlook viewers are fairly straight forward and function in a manner similar to Outlook.  When the viewer starts, you can select a PST file from a list.  This will cause the Outlook Viewer to examine the file and present a list of emails messages, which you can sort by different criteria.
Main menu of an Outlook Viewer software application for reading .PST files.
PST Viewer Pro menu showing emails

The Outlook viewer shown here is Pst Viewer Pro by Encryptomatic LLC. A free trial can be downloaded for the PST Viewer website.
Outlook Viewers will vary in quality
and the features they offer. An advanced reader like PST Viewer Pro will allow
you to convert email messages to PDF and other formats. You’ll be able to reply
to messages using your existing email client. It’s often possible to do a deep
search of the PST file to find important emails.  They should give you full access to the file
attachments and embedded images with the email message.  You should be able to expand an email to a
full screen view by clicking on it.

Although there are some readers on
the market that are free, be careful that you don’t install a viewer that tries
to install spyware on your computer. Free viewers may just provide the most
basic features and may require you to view commercial offers during the
installation process. They may try to recoup their costs by installing software on you computer that serve ads, or prospect for other services they can sell you.

A paid commercial Outlook viewer should not behave that
way, if the developer is credible.  Also
be certain that the installation package is “code signed,” by the developer. You can
tell if its signed because when you start the installer, Microsoft will
announce who the developer is. An unsigned installer will be from an “Unknown”

Outlook Viewers are helpful tools
that make your emails more accessible, especially in environments where Outlook
is not installed or when it’s not convenient to wait for Outlook to complete
indexing of the PST files. 
The best way to experience the
benefits of an Outlook viewer is download a free trial and see for yourself if
it is a good fit for your needs.