Opening .Msg Emails And File Attachments Without Outlook

.MSG files are Outlook email messages. Here’s how to open msg files if you don’t have Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook emails that have been saved outside of Outlook are formatted as msg files. They contain all the information that is pertinent to the email, including the message, file attachments, To, From, Subject, internet header, sent time and date, received time and date, and hundreds of other pieces of information (MAPI properties) that are typically not visible.
Pst Viewer Pro is a Windows software application that can open all types of Outlook email messages including .msg files, .pst and .ost files. Pst Viewer Pro lets you view a directory of email messages by organizing them in a viewing pane.  You can sort the emails by date if you wish and browse through them individually. You can also search the messages by many different criteria to find the specific emails you want to read.
Open File Attachments in .MSG files
Pst Viewer Pro gives access to email file attachments stored in .msg files. You can open attached files by double clicking on them.  Save a copy of the file attachments by simply dragging and drop them on your desktop.
Outlook Msg Viewer software for Windows
Pst Viewer Pro opens Outlook .msg files
If you need to extract file attachments in bulk from dozens or hundreds of  Outlook msg files, Pst Viewer Pro can do this for you in just a few clicks.   Here’s how to do it:
First, select the .msg files from the mail list window. Ctrol-A will select all messages in the list.
Next, choose “Extract Attachments” from the Export Window.
Click the Export button, and select the folder where Pst Viewer Pro should save your files.
Extract file attachments from Outlook .msg files with Pst Viewer Pro
Export file attachments in bulk from Outlook MSG files with Pst Viewer Pro
Export MSG files to PDF
If you want to archive your Outlook .msg files to a more common and easily managed format, Pst Viewer Pro can convert them to PDF format.
There are three basic modes for converting MSG files to PDF.
“PDF-attachments embedded” will include email file attachments as separate files within the pdf. They can later be extracted from the pdf file, but this method preserves the context of the attachments by keeping it associated with the email message.
“PDF – attachments converted/included” will convert most document file attachment types into the PDF image.  This method prevents attachments from being extracted as separate files and edited.
“PDF-attachments saved to disk” will convert the message to a PDF file, while copying the file attachments from the email and saving them to a folder on your hard drive.
Download a free trial
Try Pst Viewer Pro free for 15 days! There is no risk. If you choose to buy the software, you’re protected by a 30 day full refund of the software purchase price.

Free Online .MSG File Viewer


Are you looking for a free .msg viewer? Or maybe a free .eml file viewer? Are you being annoyed by winmail.dat files and wish you could open them up and read what they say?

Your friends at Encryptomatic LLC want to help. They have created MessageViewer Online, the world’s first free online .msg, .eml and winmail.dat file viewer. Upload your email files and the content will be decoded and displayed in your web browser.

MessageViewer Online opens .msg and .eml files

To use MessageViewer Online, click the Browse button to select your .msg or .eml file, and then click the View button. Your message is uploaded to the server where it is decoded, reassembled as a html web page, and then displayed to your screen.  File attachments in the email can be downloaded by clicking on the link.

Emails uploaded to MessageViewer Online are permanently deleted each day. Your messages are not available to other users of the site, and no information from the email is retained or archived. Your privacy is respected.

MessageViewer Online is a free service provided by Encryptomatic LLC, a developer of email viewing software products since 2005.  Their software is used by governments, Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of thousands of individual customers all over the world.

MessageViewer Online was built to demonstrate the capabilities of their component software called MVCOM. It uses the same advanced email rendering
engine available in their professional desktop email viewing products. MessageViewer Online is a great way to try out the email rendering capabilities of the Pst
Viewer Pro email viewing software.

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