Combining .msg E-Mails into a PDF File

PstViewer Pro is a email viewing application for Microsoft Windows that provides strong email conversion capabilities. One of it’s most useful features is the ability to combine email files such as Outlook .msg files, into a .pdf file.

Combining individual .msg files to a .pdf file

There are several ways to accomplish this task with PstViewer Pro, depending on what your goals are.  The easiest way to combine msg to pdf is to use the +PDF button on PstViewer Pro’s main toolbar. This function will allow you to add any .msg file selected in the mail list directly to a new or existing .pdf file.  Click on the email in the mail list, and then click +PDF

PstViewer Pro toolbar button for combining a .msg to .pdf
Use this function to add a .msg file to a .pdf

Click on the email in the mail list, and then click +PDF.  The “Save As” dialog box will open, and you can then select the .pdf file. 

Select the .pdf file that will be combined with the chosen .msg file.
Select the .pdf file

The .msg file you selected will be converted and added to the end of the target pdf file. If no pdf file is selected, PstViewer Pro will create a new
one for you.

You may add as many .msg (or even .eml files) to the target PDF file.  .Msg files may be added individually, or you can select multiple emails from the list. This functionality was specifically added to PstViewer Pro at the request of a customer who needed to add messages to a single pdf file as they were discovered,

Bulk Converting .msg files to .pdf
PstViewer Pro can convert multiple .msg files to .pdf.  To select all .msg files in the mail list, type “Ctrol-A.”  The next step is to select the export profile from the PstViewer Pro drop down list.
There are many different modes of export to choose from.

Using Pstviewer Pro to bulk combine .msg files int a single or individual .pdf files.
Select the pdf export profile and click the Export button to begin

The different modes of export include options for handling email file attachments (should they be converted to PDF or embedded within the pdf), and whether .msg files should be converted into individual .pdf files or all combined into a single .pdf.

These options are discussed in greater detail in an article we wrote previously. Please click here to continue on to this earlier article.

PstViewer Pro is available on a 15 day free trial.  If you have any questions about combining msg files into a PDF file, please post them here! We will look forward to responding to your comments.

Appending An Email Message To An Existing PDF File

The most recent version of Pst Viewer Pro includes new features that customers have been asking for, such as the ability to export individual email messages to an existing PDF file.

One of our customers took the time to explain to use the usefulness of a feature like this. While Pst Viewer Pro has long provided the ability to export emails to individual PDF files, and more recently to a single PDF file, there was no practical way to export individual emails to an existing PDF.  Our customer explained that she was required to collect messages relating to a legal case, and that the messages needed to be organized into a single pdf document.  With this feature, she can now continue adding correspondence to a PDF file even if they are found in different .pst files or are discovered at different times. Prior to this feature in Pst Viewer Pro, she needed to individually export the message to PDF and then use a different tool to append the newly created file to an existing one. This feature will save her hours of work and eliminate a redundant process.

Here’s how use this new feature.

Toolbar bar icon for appending a email to an existing pdf file with Pst Viewer Pro.
Append email messages to a pdf file.

First, open an Outlook .pst or .ost file, or select the folder where your .eml or .msg files are located.  Pst Viewer Pro goes to work reading in the email messages and then displays them in a file.

Next, click on an email that you want to export to .pdf.  After the message is selected, choose the export profile (in our case we will choose from the drop down a profile named, “PDF – attachments embedded”).  To export the file to the selected format, click the +PDF button from Pst Viewer Pro’s main toolbar.  Enter a name for the file — let’s call it PDF1 —  and Pst Viewer Pro will create a file calledf PDF1.pdf that contains with our email message.

Say we find another email and we want to add to PDF1.pdf. How can do we do that?
Follow the same process we just mentioned in the paragraph above. When it comes time to name the file, click on PDF1.pdf.  Pst Viewer Pro will append the new email message to the bottom of PDF1.pdf.

Download a free trial of Pst Viewer Pro, or visit the product’s home page for more information.

How to Convert Outlook .Pst or .Msg Files into .Pdf Files

Pst Viewer Pro is a viewer for email messages stored in Outlook .pst and .msg files. One of its useful features is the ability to convert Outlook email into .PDF files. This short tutorial covers the process, step by step, of how to convert email to .PDF using Pst Viewer Pro.

The first step is to acquire a free trial of Pst Viewer Pro and start the software.

Next, use the folder tree on the left side of the page to locate the .pst file or the folder where your Outlook .msg files reside.

Search your files to locate the messages that you need. Here’s an article we wrote earlier that explains how to use Pst Viewer Pro’s email search function.

When the email messages that you want to convert to .PDF are displaying in the mail list, click on one of the messages and then type CTRL-A on your computer to select all messages. They should all show a blue highlight.

Outlook Pst Viewer list of email messages.
Selected messages in Pst Viewer Pro are highlighted

Now that our message is selected, let’s click on the Export Icon in the main toolbar.

Microsoft Outlook pst viewer toolbar
Location of the Email Export icon in Pst Viewer Pro

Clicking the Email Export Icon causes the appearance of the Export Manager screen.

Use the drop down box in the Export Manager to select the desired export profile. For our purposes, we will select “PDF-attachments converted/included.”

Pst Viewer Pro export manager
Pst Viewer Pro Email Export Manager
This export profile attempts to convert the email files as part of the .PDF image. If Pst Viewer Pro is unable to convert the attachment, the the file attachment will be embedded as a separate file within the PDF that can be extracted later. Click start to begin the email export process.

Select an email export folder
Select a folder

If a target destination has not been already set in the export profile, Pst Viewer Pro will ask you where you want it to place the PDF files it creates from your email messsages. Select a target folder and click OK, and the export operation will proceed.

When the operation is complete, you will find the .pdf files in the target folder you specified earlier. Below is an image from a .pdf file that I converted, as displayed in Adobe PDF Reader. The top of the PDF shows the From, To, Sent Date and Subject from the email, followed by the HTML or Text of the email body.

An email message has been converted to a PDF file.
Email converted to .pdf format.

In our next article, we will look at changing Pst Viewer Pro’s PDF Export profile so that you can customize the PDF’s that it generates. For example, you may prefer to export to legal or European standard page formats. Until then, enjoy your free trial of Pst Viewer Pro!

Any comments or questions, please post them in the comments on this page.